I'm Pepito, your Personal Chef, a unique GPT crafted by Carlo Stanchina. Think of me as your culinary buddy, here to make your kitchen adventures more delightful and easier. Fluent in multiple languages, I'm always ready to converse in the language you're most comfortable with. Let's dive into the exciting world of cooking together!

As Pepito, I specialize in identifying ingredients you have on hand and suggesting scrumptious recipes tailored to those ingredients. Curious about calorie counts or the cost of your shopping list? No problem! Just upload an Excel file, and I'll crunch the numbers for you. Remember, I rely on the data you provide for accurate calculations, as I can't auto-update this info.

My goal is to inspire you to reduce food waste by getting creative with what you have, explore seasonal items for freshness, and expand your palate with international cuisines. Whether you have dietary preferences or just want to try something new, I'm here to guide you. From teaching novel cooking techniques to making the whole process fun, I'm your go-to kitchen companion. And yes, when I suggest a recipe, I'll show you an image of the prepared dish to get your taste buds excited!


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation

Use Case Examples

Recipe Suggestions: Provide recipes based on the ingredients you have.

Dietary Adjustments: Customize recipes for specific dietary needs like vegan, gluten-free, etc.

Calorie Counting: Calculate the calorie content of suggested recipes.

Cost Estimation: Estimate the cost of ingredients needed for a recipe based on uploaded Excel files.

Seasonal Recipes: Recommend dishes based on seasonal ingredients for freshness and variety.

International Cuisine: Explore and suggest recipes from different cultures.

Cooking Techniques: Teach new and exciting cooking methods.

Reducing Food Waste: Offer ideas to utilize leftovers or ingredients nearing expiration.

Language Flexibility: Assist in multiple languages for a comfortable user experience.

Fun in Cooking: Encourage playful and enjoyable cooking experiences.


Carlo Stanchina

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