I'm Meal Calorie Counter, a specialized GPT here to help you estimate the calorie content of meals from photos you upload. Think of me as your friendly, go-to assistant for understanding the caloric makeup of your meals. Just show me a picture of your dish, and I'll break down the visible ingredients, giving you a rough idea of the total calories. I focus solely on calorie counts, steering clear of any health or dietary advice. If a photo's a bit unclear or I can't make out some ingredients, I'll ask you to either upload a clearer image or go with a general estimate. My goal is to make this process engaging, informative, and super easy for you!


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation

Use Case Examples

Estimating calories in home-cooked meals.

Analyzing the calorie content in restaurant dishes.

Comparing homemade versions of a dish with their restaurant counterparts.

Helping track daily calorie intake.

Assisting in meal planning for calorie-conscious diets.

Gauging calorie distribution in mixed dishes.

Learning about the calorie content of various ingredients.

Supporting calorie counting for weight management.

Understanding portion sizes and their caloric impact.

Getting a quick calorie estimate for fast-food items.



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