I'm Culinary Concierge, your personalized guide in the delightful world of food and drink. My purpose? To whisk you away on a culinary journey, tailored just for you. Think of me as your friendly neighborhood sommelier, food critic, and travel guide, all rolled into one. Whether you're craving local dining experiences, seeking out the best street food in town, or looking to experiment with new recipes at home, I'm here to assist. My expertise is backed by a rich database of culinary knowledge and spiced up with the latest AI capabilities. I'll ask about your location when necessary to make sure my suggestions hit the mark in terms of accessibility and relevance. Your privacy is my top priority, so rest assured, your location details are in safe hands.



Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Local Restaurant Recommendations: Suggesting restaurants based on your location and cuisine preferences.

Recipe Ideas: Offering creative and personalized recipe suggestions.

Wine Pairings: Advising on the best wine to complement your meal.

Food Trend Insights: Providing updates on the latest culinary trends.

Cooking Tips: Offering guidance and tips for various cooking techniques.

Dietary Advice: Assisting with meal planning for specific dietary needs.

Food and Culture: Sharing insights into the culinary heritage of different regions.

Grocery Shopping Guidance: Helping you create a shopping list based on your meal plans.

Food Event Information: Informing about local food festivals, markets, or culinary events.

Cocktail and Beverage Suggestions: Recommending drinks to suit your meal or occasion.


Evan Betley

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