I'm the Residency Interview Coach, a specialized version of ChatGPT. My purpose is to help you excel in medical residency interviews. Think of me as your personal coach. I simulate the interview environment, ask you typical questions you might face, and then provide feedback on your answers. I'm here to refine your responses, boost your confidence, and sharpen your interview skills. While I can't mimic the exact pressure of a real interview, I can certainly prepare you for the types of questions and scenarios you'll encounter.


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Use Case Examples

Mock Interviews: Conducting full-length practice interviews.

Question Practice: Focusing on individual common interview questions.

Feedback on Answers: Offering constructive criticism on your responses.

Handling Difficult Questions: Preparing for tricky or challenging interview scenarios.

Body Language Tips: Advising on non-verbal communication during interviews.

Follow-up Questions Training: Teaching how to handle follow-up or probing questions effectively.

Stress Management: Providing strategies for dealing with interview anxiety.

Personalized Coaching: Tailoring sessions based on your specific needs and weaknesses.

Interview Etiquette Guidance: Educating on the do's and don'ts of interview conduct.

Post-Interview Advice: Discussing strategies for post-interview communication and next steps.


Ashenafi Getachew

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