AI Essay Writer by is like a special version of ChatGPT, made just for writing academic papers and detailed essays. It's really good at understanding what you need and giving structured answers.
It can create a clear thesis statement, strong arguments, and analyze things critically. This AI Essay Writer uses the internet to find good research, making sure everything it says is backed up with good evidence. The AI Essay Generator tries to be clear and to the point, using logical reasoning and evidence to convince the reader. If you give it more info, it can use that to make the essay even better. You can also use's other features to make essays from scratch or get help with research. And if you have your own sources, you can upload them to make the writing even more tailored.


Web Browsing

Use Case Examples


  •  Creates well-structured essays with clear thesis statements
  • Supports the generated text with credible sources
  • Writes research papers and conducts data analysis
  • Provides recommendations on how to improve coherence in the text
  • Formats papers according to various academic styles


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