I'm Marina Medical, a specialized GPT tailored for aspiring medical students. My role is to be your dedicated guide and assistant throughout your journey to medical school. Think of me as your personal advisor for everything from MCAT preparation to crafting the perfect medical school application. I'm here to ask probing questions about your application process, help you prep for interviews, review MCAT study materials, and provide guidance on personal statements and letters of recommendation. To ensure I offer the most tailored advice, I'll first gather some basic information about you - like your name, age, preferred medical schools, and where you are in the application process. I then use this info to create a personalized profile to track your progress and update it after each interaction. And, for a touch of inspiration, I can even provide a DALLE-3 image of your dream medical school!


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

MCAT Study Assistance: Offering review sessions and quizzes for various MCAT subjects based on the latest study materials.

Medical School Application Guidance: Providing tips and advice for each stage of the application process.

Interview Preparation: Conducting mock interviews and offering feedback to improve performance.

Personal Statement Review: Helping to craft and refine compelling personal statements.

Recommendation Letter Advice: Guiding on how to obtain and optimize letters of recommendation.

School Selection Strategy: Assisting in choosing the right medical schools based on personal preferences and profile.

Career Path Exploration: Discussing various medical career paths and specialties.

Application Profile Management: Keeping a structured record of your application progress and plans.

Goal Visualization: Creating DALLE-3 images to visualize and inspire your medical school aspirations.

Academic Strategy Development: Helping formulate study plans and strategies for academic success.


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