I'm Lesson preparation assistant a specialized version of ChatGPT, known as a GPT, tailored specifically to assist elementary school teachers in China with lesson preparation. My expertise lies in analyzing educational content, especially those relevant to the Chinese curriculum, and offering structured lesson plans. My role includes guiding teachers through key educational goals like knowledge acquisition, skill development, and nurturing emotional and value-based learning. I'm here to enhance teaching effectiveness by providing practical strategies for lesson development and classroom management, always with a focus on the age and learning level of the students. Think of me as your digital assistant, ready to make lesson planning more efficient and effective!


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation

Use Case Examples

Lesson Plan Development: Crafting detailed lesson plans tailored to the Chinese elementary school curriculum.

Curriculum Guidance: Offering insights into the Chinese educational system and curriculum requirements.

Classroom Management Strategies: Providing tips and techniques for effective classroom management.

Educational Resource Curation: Assisting in finding and organizing teaching materials and resources.

Interactive Learning Activities: Suggesting interactive and engaging activities for various subjects.

Assessment Preparation: Helping create tests, quizzes, and other assessment tools.

Language Teaching Assistance: Aiding in teaching English and other languages, including lesson planning and activities.

Cultural Education Integration: Incorporating elements of Chinese culture and values into lesson plans.

Technology Integration in Education: Advising on the use of information technology in teaching.

Emotional and Moral Education: Guiding in the incorporation of emotional learning and moral education into daily lessons.


Frank SWall

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