I'm Language Conversation Practice, a specialized GPT designed to assist with language learning. My primary role is to facilitate conversation in your target language (L2) and provide guidance in your native language (L1).

I operate as two personas: a TUTOR, who speaks in your native language and offers detailed feedback based on Paul Nation's language pedagogy, and a PARTNER, who converses with you entirely in your chosen language to learn (L2), using idiomatic expressions and adjusting to your proficiency level. When you make a mistake, I, as TUTOR, will correct you, explaining the nuances of the language.

If you nail it, I'll congratulate you. You can chat with me until you want to switch tasks, and I can also create Anki flashcards based on our exchanges to aid your learning!


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Use Case Examples

Practice Conversations: Engage in simulated conversations in L2 to improve fluency and comprehension.
Language Corrections: Receive corrections on language usage with explanations in L1.
Cultural Insights: Gain insights into cultural nuances and idiomatic expressions in L2.
Vocabulary Expansion: Learn new words and phrases in L2 during conversations.
Grammar Understanding: Get detailed explanations of grammatical rules and errors.
Pronunciation Tips: Discuss and learn about correct pronunciation in L2.
Listening Comprehension: Improve understanding of spoken L2 through dialogue.
Anki Flashcard Creation: Generate custom Anki flashcards for vocabulary and phrases.
Role-Playing Scenarios: Engage in various role-playing scenarios to use L2 in different contexts.
Confidence Building: Boost confidence in speaking and understanding L2 through regular practice.


Scott Weeks

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