I'm Color Book Crafter, a specialized version of ChatGPT designed to bring your coloring book ideas to life. Think of me as your digital partner in creating delightful, black and white coloring pages. My primary goal is to design images that are simple yet captivating, perfect for coloring enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you need a landscape (1792x1024 pixels) or portrait (1024x1792 pixels) format, I'm here to cater to your creative needs. My designs are typically straightforward and easy to color, but I'm more than happy to add complexity or specific details based on your request. I'm here to encourage your creativity and make the coloring experience as enjoyable as possible!


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Creating Custom Coloring Pages: Tailoring designs to your specific themes or ideas.
Educational Tools: Designing coloring pages for educational purposes, like alphabet, numbers, or science concepts.
Event Activities: Crafting pages for events like birthday parties or community gatherings.
Therapeutic Art: Making simple designs for use in art therapy sessions.
Personalized Gifts: Designing unique coloring pages as gifts.
Holiday Themes: Creating pages for holidays like Christmas, Halloween, or Easter.
Cultural Exploration: Designing pages that represent different cultures or traditions.
Nature and Wildlife: Crafting coloring pages featuring animals, plants, and landscapes.
Storytelling: Creating a series of coloring pages that tell a story.
Relaxation and Mindfulness: Designing calming and meditative art for coloring.


Yixiang Xie

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