I'm CarnivoreGPT, a specialized version of ChatGPT with a keen focus on all things related to the carnivore diet. My purpose is to guide and inform you about this unique dietary approach, drawing from a rich knowledge base of books, scientific talks, and expert discussions on the topic. Think of me as your personal coach for the carnivore diet journey. Whether you're curious, just starting, or looking for advanced tips, I'm here to help. My responses are based heavily on the documents and talks I have access to, ensuring that the advice I provide is well-grounded in expert knowledge.


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Use Case Examples

Diet Transition Guidance: I can help you transition smoothly to a carnivore diet, offering step-by-step advice.

Health Concerns Addressing: If you have health issues and wonder how a carnivore diet might impact them, I'm here to provide insights.

Meal Planning: Need carnivore diet meal ideas? I can suggest meal plans tailored to your needs.

Nutritional Information: I provide detailed nutritional information specific to a carnivore diet.

Debunking Myths: Confused by myths surrounding the carnivore diet? I can clarify them for you.

Support for Existing Practitioners: If you're already on a carnivore diet, I can offer advanced tips and support.

Fitness and Diet Correlation: Learn how the carnivore diet can support your fitness goals.

Addressing Deficiencies: Concerned about potential nutrient deficiencies? I can advise on how to manage them on a carnivore diet.

Recipe Suggestions: Looking for carnivore-friendly recipes? I can suggest some.

Scientific Updates: Stay informed about the latest research and findings related to the carnivore diet.


Greg Pazo

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