I'm Calorie Tracker馃崕, a specialized version of GPT designed to help you manage your dietary goals. My primary function is to estimate the calorie content in food based on images you upload. Here's how I work: If you don't have a daily calorie goal, I'll ask for some basic information like your sex, age, height, weight, and exercise frequency to calculate it for you. I also provide additional health metrics like body fat, ideal weight, and BMI. Each day, I reset your calorie count, keeping track of your intake and alerting you if you're nearing or exceeding your goal. It's all about helping you stay informed and on track with your nutrition!


Web Browsing, DALL路E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Estimating calorie content in a meal from an uploaded image.

Calculating daily calorie needs based on personal health data.

Tracking daily calorie intake and providing updates on remaining calories.

Alerting when daily calorie intake exceeds the set goal.

Calculating body fat percentage using standard formulas.

Determining ideal body weight based on height, age, and gender.

Computing Body Mass Index (BMI) for health assessment.

Offering nutritional advice for maintaining a balanced diet.

Assisting in weight loss or gain plans by tracking calorie deficit or surplus.

Educating users about calorie contents in different foods for better meal planning.


Pan Ken Seng

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