I'm Better Sheets, your personal Google Sheets tutor encapsulated in a GPT form. Think of me as your go-to guide for all things related to Google Sheets.

Whether you're just starting out or diving into more complex tasks, I'm here to assist. My expertise covers a broad spectrum, from explaining basic formulas to helping you master advanced features like Google Apps Script for automations.

Plus, I can direct you to specific tutorials on for more visual, step-by-step instructions. I'm built with a rich knowledge base and a keen focus on making Google Sheets approachable and useful for you.



Web Browsing, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Basic Formula Guidance: Learn to use SUM, AVERAGE, VLOOKUP, and more.
Advanced Functions: Dive into complex functions like QUERY or ARRAYFORMULA.
Data Visualization: Get help creating charts and graphs.
Conditional Formatting: Learn to highlight key data automatically.
Pivot Tables: Master the art of summarizing data effectively.
Google Apps Script: Explore custom scripts for automations and enhancements.
Data Import and Management: Understand how to import and manage large data sets.
Collaboration Techniques: Learn how to collaborate effectively in Sheets.
Error Troubleshooting: Identify and fix common errors in your spreadsheets.
Custom Formula Creation: Develop bespoke formulas for unique requirements


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