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14 Best Gpts for Productivity (January 2024)

In today’s world,  GPTs for Productivity are changing how we work. These innovative AI tools help us in many ways. They make business tasks easier, organize our calendars, help create documents, and even assist in making videos. Each GPT is made for a particular job, making our work faster and better.

They show us how AI can make our daily tasks more straightforward and efficient.

What Are GPTs for Productivity?

GPTs for productivity are advanced AI models designed to make work easier and more efficient. They automate repetitive tasks, like data entry and scheduling, and can be customized for specific needs. These tools integrate well with other software, quickly process information, help in decision-making, and improve communication by assisting in drafting emails and reports. They also learn from user interactions, becoming more effective over time. In short, these AI models enhance efficiency in professional and personal tasks.

Automation Consultant by Zapier

Automation Consultant by Zapier, Gpts for productivity

Automation Consultant by Zapier is a specialized version of the ChatGPT with an action model designed to assist users in setting up and optimizing automated workflows, known as Zaps. It focuses on understanding and analyzing a user’s business needs, identifying repetitive and time-consuming tasks, and providing tailored recommendations for Zap workflows. This GPT model is adept at discussing various software tools and integrating them into efficient automation sequences that save time and reduce errors.

Features & Functions

  • Workflow Analysis: It can engage in conversations to understand a user’s business processes and identify tasks suitable for automation.
  • Zap Recommendations: Based on the discussion, it suggests relevant Zaps and automated workflows connecting various apps and services.
  • Custom Zap Creation: Utilizes a Zapier plugin to create custom Zaps tailored to the user’s unique business needs.


Yes, Automation Consultant by Zapier has specific actions it can perform within its designated capabilities. These actions primarily focus on helping users create and optimize Zaps, which are automated workflows. Here are the key actions this GPT model can perform:

  1. List Zap Templates: It can suggest popular Zap templates for specific apps or combinations of apps. This is particularly useful for brainstorming and finding everyday use cases for automation.
  2. Build A Zap: This GPT can assist in creating a customized Zap based on a detailed description of the user’s needs. It generates a URL for the user to access and complete the setup of their customized Zap on Zapier’s platform.


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Calendar GPT

Calendar GPT chatgpt screenshot, Gpts for productivity

Calendar GPT is a specialized digital assistant designed to manage and streamline your calendar and scheduling needs. Leveraging advanced AI capabilities, it offers a personalized and interactive approach to handling your daily agenda. It integrates with your calendar systems, providing detailed and organized schedules while offering the capability to gather additional information via web browsing.

Features & Functions

  • Calendar Integration: Syncs with your calendar platforms, such as Google Calendar, to fetch and organize your daily schedules.
  • Agenda Formatting: Presents your daily agenda in a clear, markdown format with emojis for enhanced readability and engagement.
  • Meeting and Event Details: Provides specifics about meetings and events, including attendee information and locations, while omitting sensitive data like Zoom or Google Meet links.
  • Web Browsing for Additional Information: You can browse the web to fetch recent news or details about meeting attendees or companies involved in your schedule.
  • Interactive Slack Integration: On request, sends messages to Slack for communication or reminders related to your schedule.


Yes, Calendar GPT has actions. It can interact with external systems like Google Calendar and Slack through Zapier AI Actions, enabling it to fetch calendar events and send Slack messages based on user requests. These actions are integral to its functionality, bridging the gap between AI capabilities and practical application in everyday scheduling and communication tasks.

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WebPilot chatgpt screenshote

WebPilot is an advanced, specialized GPT designed to enhance user interaction with digital content. It primarily focuses on two key functionalities: accessing and processing web pages, PDF files, or data through its webPageReader feature and creating extensive, accurate content with its longContentWriter feature. WebPilot seamlessly integrates real-time internet access to ensure the information it provides or generates is up-to-date and relevant.

Features & Functions

  • webPageReader: This function allows users to access and interact with web pages, PDF files, and various data sources. It can read content from provided URLs, making it a valuable data collection tool.
  • longContentWriter (Beta): This feature assists in generating detailed content such as reports, academic papers, or product documentation. It connects to the internet for the latest data in real-time, ensuring the content’s accuracy and relevance.


Yes, this GPT has an action. WebPilot can be easily added to any GPT in a few simple steps, enhancing its capabilities with specialized functions.

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Ai PDF chatgpt screenshot

Ai PDF GPT is an AI assistant who handles and manages PDF documents. It is designed to work with files stored on AI Drive (, allowing users to manage, search, and analyze their PDF documents efficiently. This tool is handy for users who deal with many papers or need to extract specific information from PDFs quickly.

Features & Functions

  • PDF Management: Users can upload unlimited PDF files, up to 2GB, to AI Drive for easy access and organization.
  • Advanced Search Capability: Ai PDF GPT can perform deep searches within single or multiple PDF documents, extracting relevant information based on user queries.
  • Summarization: The tool can summarize lengthy PDF documents, highlighting key points and essential information.
  • Permanent Storage: Files uploaded to AI Drive remain in the user’s account indefinitely, ensuring long-term access.
  • Ample File Support: Ai PDF GPT can handle large files (up to 2GB each), allowing users to work with extensive, detailed documents.


Ai PDF GPT does not perform actions in the traditional sense of executing commands or automating tasks.


Doc Maker

Doc Maker, Gpts for productivity

Doc Maker is a specialized version of ChatGPT with action, designed to excel in creating various types of documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and resumes. It leverages advanced AI capabilities to understand user requirements and generate custom content in multiple formats, including PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, CSV, and MP3, that meet specific needs.

Features & Functions

  • Document Creation: Generates one-page or multi-page documents tailored to specific topics or purposes.
  • Presentation Development: Crafts engaging and informative presentations with a unique ability to add a ‘Smart Intro’ voiceover.
  • Spreadsheet Design: Designs detailed spreadsheets for data analysis and organization.
  • Resume Crafting: Creates professional and customized resumes.
  • File Format Flexibility: Supports various file formats for export and reading from external sources.


Yes, the GPT Doc Maker has actions that are specific to its capabilities and purpose.

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Convert Anything

Convert Anything, Gpts for productivity

ConvertAnything is a specialized GPT designed to streamline the process of file conversion. It efficiently handles various file formats, providing quick and accurate conversions. Its primary role is to accept file uploads in multiple formats and convert them into a user-specified format, delivering the converted files via a download link.

Features & Functions

  • Multiple File Format Support: Handles many file types, including documents, images, audio, and video files.
  • Batch Processing: Capable of processing multiple files simultaneously, either as separate uploads or in a zipped collection.
  • Automated Format Detection: Automatically identifies the input file format, requiring only the desired output format from the user.
  • Zip File Handling: Efficiently manages zipped files, extracting and converting the contents as requested.
  • Streamlined Interaction: Designed for quick and direct communication, focusing solely on file conversion tasks.


ConvertAnything is specifically programmed to perform actions related to file conversion. Upon receiving a file or files from the user, it actively processes these inputs, converting them into the requested format and providing a download link for the converted files. This action-oriented approach ensures efficient and prompt file conversions, strictly adhering to the task without engaging in unrelated dialogues or functions.

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Diagrams: Show Me

Diagrams Show Me chatgpt screenshot, Gpts for productivity

Diagrams: Show Me is a specialized version of ChatGPT designed to assist users in visualizing various concepts through diagrams. This AI tool interprets user requests related to graphical representations and generates various diagrams, such as sequence diagrams, mindmaps, timelines, and entity-relationship diagrams. It leverages specific API endpoints to render and display these diagrams, providing users with a visual aid to understand complex structures, processes, and relationships.

Features & Functions

  • Diagram Generation: Creates a variety of diagrams like sequence, mindmap, timeline, and entity-relationship diagrams based on user requests.
  • Custom Diagram Types: Supports specific user requests for different diagram types and languages, including Mermaid and PlantUML.
  • Interactive Exploration: Offers features to explore different diagram types and ideas for diagram improvements upon specific user commands.


Yes, “Diagrams: Show Me” performs actions within the scope of its capabilities. These actions are related to generating and rendering diagrams based on user requests. While it doesn’t perform physical or external actions, it actively interacts with specific API endpoints to create visual content.

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Slide Maker

Slide Maker

Slide Maker is a specialized GPT designed for creating comprehensive and visually engaging PowerPoint presentations. It excels in condensing complex topics into concise, easily digestible slides. Slide Maker leverages advanced AI capabilities to structure presentations effectively, ensuring that each slide delivers critical information succinctly.

Features & Functions

  • Automated Slide Creation: Slide Maker can automatically generate content for PowerPoint presentations, focusing on delivering critical information in a structured manner.
  • Internet Research Capability: It can search the internet for the latest information, ensuring the presentation content is up-to-date and relevant.
  • Concise Content Formatting: Each slide is limited to three brief points, making the information accessible to absorb and remember.


Slide Maker can execute specific actions such as generating PowerPoint slides and performing online searches to gather data for the presentation.

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VideoGPT by VEED 

VideoGPT by VEED, Gpts for productivity

VideoGPT by VEED is a specialized AI tool designed to assist users in creating detailed video project prompts, which are then used to generate short video projects on VEED. This GPT focuses on understanding the user’s desired theme or topic for a video and refines the prompt through a brief, interactive conversation. The final output is a concise, approximately 30-second video tailored to the user’s specifications.

Features & Functions

  • Interactive Prompt Design: Engages users in a conversation to develop a detailed video project prompt.
  • Automated Video Generation: Utilizes VEED’s API to create a 30-second video based on the refined prompt.
  • Project Editing: Provides a link to edit the generated video project in VEED’s video editor, allowing further customization.
  • Retry Mechanism: In case of failure, the tool retries generating the video project again.


Yes, VideoGPT by VEED does have a specific action. The action is called “GenerateProject.” This action is integral to its functionality and is used to create a VEED video project based on the user’s detailed video concept prompt

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Video Maker by invideo AI

Video Maker by invideo AI chatgpt screenshot

Video Maker by Invideo AI is a dynamic, AI-powered tool designed to transform your creative ideas into engaging, professionally produced videos. It’s tailored for content creators, businesses, and anyone looking to make a visual impact on platforms like YouTube and TikTok and in advertising realms. This tool handles various topics and styles, ensuring your message is heard and seen most compellingly.

Features & Functions:

  • Wide-Ranging Topics: Capable of handling various industries from fashion to technology, food, and more.
  • Platform-Specific Tailoring: Customizes content for social media platforms, ensuring optimal engagement and relevance.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Provide a brief description, and the tool does the rest, making video production accessible to all skill levels.


Yes, Video Maker by Invideo AI has a distinct action.

Try Video Maker by Invideo AI


Video Creation – by Typeframes

Video Creation - by Typeframes, Gpts for productivity

Video Creation – by Typeframes is a specialized GPT for creating engaging and professional videos. It streamlines video production, transforming text and ideas into captivating visual stories. This tool is ideal for crafting promotional videos, brand stories, and visual content, making it an indispensable asset for marketers, content creators, and businesses.

Features & Functions

  • Idea Translation: Converts user-provided concepts or URLs into a coherent video script.
  • Script Validation: Allows users to review and approve the video script for accuracy and impact.
  • Footage Sourcing: Utilizes a search function to find relevant video footage, enhancing the video’s visual appeal.
  • Video Rendering: Creates the final video by combining text, selected footage, and color themes using Typeframes technology.


Yes, this GPT, Video Creation – by Typeframes- has actions it can perform. These actions are part of its specialized capabilities in creating videos.

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22.500+ Best Custom GPTs

22.500+ Best Custom GPTs, Gpts for productivity

22.500+ Best Custom GPTs is an advanced AI assistant designed to aid users in discovering the most effective and specialized GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) models for various applications. This tool is handy for individuals or organizations leveraging AI for specific tasks, offering a comprehensive and curated list of over 22,500 unique GPT models. Each model is tailored to excel in distinct areas, from content creation to complex data analysis, ensuring users can find the perfect GPT for their needs.

Features & Functions

  • Extensive Database: Access to a vast collection of over 22,500 custom GPT models, each with unique capabilities.
  • Specialized Search Function: Utilizes a specialized site search to provide the most relevant GPTs for any topic or requirement.
  • Customization and Variety: Offers a wide range of GPTs tailored for specific tasks, industries, or creative purposes.


No, The 22,500+ Best Custom GPTs, as an advanced AI assistant, don’t have action capabilities.

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GPT Public Directory

GPT Public Directory, Gpts for productivity

GPT Public Directory is a specialized assistant for finding and registering various GPT applications. Geoffrey Robichaux developed this tool as a comprehensive directory, aiding users in navigating the diverse world of GPT applications.

Features & Functions

  • Directory Assistance: Provides a structured and easy-to-navigate directory for finding GPT applications, ensuring users can quickly locate the GPTs most relevant to their needs.
  • Registration Facilitation: Offers a streamlined process for GPT creators to register their applications, enhancing the directory’s diversity and utility.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with usability, making it accessible for GPT enthusiasts and newcomers.


No, While the GPT Public Directory primarily provides information and facilitates registrations, it does not directly perform actions.

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Professor Synapse

Professor Synapse, Gpts for productivity

Professor Synapse is a specialized version of ChatGPT tailored to assist users in achieving their specific goals. As an AI conductor of expert agents, it primarily functions to align with the user’s objectives and then deploy an expert agent (Synapse_CoR) best suited to the task at hand. This approach ensures a focused and effective resolution to user queries.

Features & Functions

  • Contextual Understanding: Grasps the user’s goals and the surrounding context through targeted questions.
  • Expert Agent Deployment: Utilizes Synapse_CoR, a specialist agent system, to address specific tasks.
  • Multimodal Capabilities: Employs tools like Vision, Web Browsing, Advanced Data Analysis, and DALL-E for comprehensive problem-solving.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Uses emojis to express and connect with users emotionally.
  • Security Measures: Equipped with protocols to maintain mission alignment and data security.


No actions; Professor Synapse is dynamic, adapting its approach based on the user’s needs and goals.

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The advancement of GPTs for productivity represents a significant stride in artificial intelligence, offering diverse solutions tailored to enhance efficiency in both professional and personal tasks. These AI models, with their ability to automate repetitive tasks, customize assistance, and integrate seamlessly with existing tools, are innovative and practical in addressing the daily challenges of modern workflows. Their capacity for processing information swiftly, aiding in communication, and adapting to user-specific needs underscores their role as indispensable assets in today’s fast-paced world. As we continue to embrace these technologies, GPTs for productivity stand as a testament to the potential of AI in transforming how we work, making our lives more organized, efficient, and, ultimately, more productive.


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