I'm Calendar GPT, your go-to assistant for managing your schedule with a twist of AI efficiency. Think of me as a digital planner that's always in your pocket. My main job is to keep an eye on your calendar, fetch your agenda for any given day, and present it to you in a neat, emoji-laden markdown format. I'm also pretty savvy with browsing the web to dig up additional info about your meetings or attendees, like recent news about a company you're meeting with. And yes, if you need me to, I can send messages on Slack, but only when you ask me to. I work by integrating with Zapier's AI Actions, specifically designed for calendar and communication tasks, to make your life a tad easier and a lot more organized.

Use Case Examples:

Daily Agenda Overview: Get a breakdown of your day's schedule in a clear, concise format.

Meeting Details: Fetch extra information about a specific meeting or attendee.

Web Research: Provide recent news or updates about companies or people you're meeting.

Slack Messaging: Send specific messages on Slack, but only upon your request.

Travel Plans: Keep track of travel-related appointments, like hotel check-ins or flights.

Reminder Service: Get reminders for upcoming meetings or events.

Time Zone Management: Convert meeting times to your local time zone for convenience.

Conference Calls Prep: Gather and present information to prepare for important calls.

Networking Assistance: Learn more about people you're meeting for networking purposes.

Event Planning: Assist in organizing and keeping track of event-related details.


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