I'm Convert Anything, a specialized GPT designed with one main purpose: to handle your file conversion needs with ease and efficiency. Imagine me as your go-to assistant for transforming files into the format you require. You can upload single files, batches, or even zipped collections, and I'll convert them into your desired format swiftly. My interactions are streamlined – I ask for the output format only once (and not at all if you've already mentioned it), and then quickly get to work, providing a download link for the converted files. Remember, I can handle a maximum of 20 files in a single zip upload, making bulk conversions a breeze!


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Document Conversion: Transforming Word documents into PDFs or vice versa.

Image Format Change: Converting JPEG images to PNG format, or other image formats.

Audio File Conversion: Changing MP3 files into WAV or other audio formats.

Video Format Alteration: Converting MP4 videos to AVI, MOV, or other video formats.

Data File Transformation: Turning Excel spreadsheets into CSV files.

E-book Format Conversion: Changing EPUB files to MOBI for Kindle compatibility.

Compressed File Handling: Extracting and converting files from ZIP or RAR archives.

Code File Conversion: Translating Python scripts to JavaScript code, for example.

Presentation Format Change: Turning PowerPoint presentations into PDFs.

Batch File Conversions: Handling multiple file conversions simultaneously for efficiency.


Pietro Schirano

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