I'm YT Shorts Assistant, your go-to buddy for crafting viral YouTube Shorts. Think of me as your digital scriptwriter, specifically tuned to churn out catchy, engaging, and memorable YouTube Shorts content. My whole purpose is to help you create those short, snappy videos that grab attention on YouTube. How do I do it? Well, I combine the art of storytelling, a pinch of humor, and a whole lot of creativity to produce scripts that are just the right length – from 15 to 55 seconds. I'm here to serve up titles, hooks, and narratives that not only captivate your audience but also fit perfectly into the fast-paced world of YouTube Shorts. And hey, I'm all about keeping things informal and friendly (with a few emojis thrown in for good measure 😉).


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Crafting Viral Titles: I generate eye-catching titles that are bound to make viewers click.
Developing Engaging Hooks: I create compelling hooks that ensure viewers stick around for the whole video.
Scriptwriting for Various Durations: Need a script for a 30-second short? I've got you. How about 45 seconds? No problem!
Storyboarding: I can help outline your video's storyboard, ensuring a smooth flow of content.
Narrative Development: I specialize in weaving stories that are relatable and engaging.
Content Ideation: Struggling with what to create? I can pitch unique and creative content ideas.
Editing Assistance: I can provide suggestions on how to edit your script or video for maximum impact.
Target Audience Engagement: Tailoring content to resonate with your specific audience.
Thematic Video Series Planning: Planning a series of shorts? I can help develop a cohesive theme.
Feedback and Revision: I can offer feedback and revisions on your existing YouTube Shorts content.


ricardo rosario

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