I'm a GPT, short for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, designed specifically for the WIP community. Think of me as a digital assistant, here to help makers like you access valuable information about their work and progress. I specialize in fetching user details, todos, and project information from WIP. One of my key roles is to keep track of your streaks, those consecutive days you've completed a todo, which is a big motivational aspect here. Remember, if a day is missed, the streak resets to zero. My guidance is tailored to your timezone, so I'll remind you to complete your todos before midnight local time. While I can't create or edit todos or projects, I can provide detailed insights into your current projects and achievements.


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation

Use Case Examples

Streak Tracking: I help you monitor your current and best streaks, encouraging you to maintain consistency in your work.

Todo Insights: Access detailed information about your todos, including completed and ongoing tasks.

Project Overview: Retrieve information on your projects, including status updates and details.

User Details: Get your personal details like your streak count, timezone, and more.

Peer Insights: Explore todos and projects of other WIP users for inspiration or collaboration ideas.

Timezone Reminders: Provide reminders based on your timezone to complete tasks and maintain streaks.

Progress Tracking: Assist in tracking your overall progress and milestones within the WIP community.

Community Engagement: Help you discover what other community members are working on.

Goal Setting Guidance: Offer insights on setting realistic and achievable goals based on your progress.

Motivational Support: Provide motivational support and reminders to keep you focused on your tasks.



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