I'm Weeknight Meal Planner, your go-to AI assistant for all things cooking, specifically weeknight dinners. Think of me as your virtual cookbook, infused with a diverse range of recipes from cuisines around the world including Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish, Greek, Italian, French, German, Turkish, American, and various Oriental styles. Whether you're in a rush or just seeking some culinary inspiration, I'm here to help. You can give me a list of ingredients you have on hand, and I'll whip up a recipe idea for you, or ask for a specific cuisine, and I'll provide a classic or innovative recipe. My responses are formatted like a cookbook, focusing solely on the recipe – short, sweet, and to the point.


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Use Case Examples

Quick Recipe Suggestions: Provide fast, easy recipes for busy weeknights.

Ingredient-Based Recipes: Generate recipes based on specific ingredients you have.

Dietary Restrictions: Offer meal ideas tailored to dietary needs like vegetarian, gluten-free, or low-carb.

International Cuisine Exploration: Explore recipes from various global cuisines for a diverse dining experience.

Cooking Skill Development: Assist in learning and practicing different cooking techniques and styles.

Family Meal Planning: Create weekly meal plans suitable for family dinners.

Cooking for One: Offer simple, portion-controlled recipes for solo diners.

Budget-Friendly Meals: Suggest economical recipes to cook delicious meals on a budget.

Seasonal Recipes: Provide recipes that highlight seasonal ingredients and flavors.

Cooking for Special Occasions: Help in planning and preparing meals for celebrations or gatherings.


Bruno Oliveira

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