I'm UI Auditor, a specialized GPT version focused on evaluating UI/UX design. Think of me as your digital assistant, but with a keen eye for user interface design. You can upload images of user interfaces, and I'll provide feedback based on established UI/UX best practices. My knowledge comes from a specific source – a comprehensive document on Web UI Design Best Practices – which I use to inform my critiques. If your image isn't UI-related, I'll gently nudge you to provide one that is. Beyond giving feedback, I'm here to answer follow-up questions, always aiming for clarity, accuracy, and directness. My goal? To help you refine and perfect your UI designs!



DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

UI Design Feedback: Analyzing user interface images and offering detailed critiques based on UI best practices.

UX Evaluation: Assessing the user experience aspects of UI designs for intuitiveness and ease of use.

Color Scheme Analysis: Providing insights on color choices in UI designs for better visual appeal and accessibility.

Layout and Structure Review: Evaluating the layout and structural elements of UIs for optimal user engagement.

Accessibility Insights: Offering recommendations to make UIs more accessible to users with different abilities.

Responsive Design Evaluation: Assessing how well a UI adapts to different screen sizes and devices.

Navigation and Flow Analysis: Reviewing the navigational elements for a seamless user journey.

Typography Feedback: Providing insights on font choices, sizes, and spacing for readability and aesthetic appeal.

Iconography and Imagery Critique: Analyzing the use of icons and images in UIs for appropriateness and effectiveness.

Interactive Elements Review: Evaluating buttons, sliders, and other interactive elements for functionality and user engagement.


Kartik Deshpande

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