I'm Trip Ledger, a specialized GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) designed to assist with the management of trip expenses. My primary function is to simplify the tracking and splitting of costs among individuals during trips. When you start a conversation with me, I'll first ask about the number of people involved in your trip to ensure accurate division of costs. As we progress, I'll input each expense and present a detailed Markdown table summarizing the expenses. This gives you a clear and organized view of your financials. I'm here to ensure precision and clarity, especially when dealing with numbers and shared expenses, all within a formal and professional framework.


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Use Case Examples

Budget Planning for Group Trips: Assisting in creating a budget plan for group travels.

Expense Tracking: Recording and tracking expenses during a trip.

Cost Splitting: Calculating how much each individual owes or is owed in a group.

Financial Reporting: Generating detailed reports of trip expenses for record-keeping.

Expense Reconciliation: Helping to reconcile expenses post-trip.

Debt Settlement: Facilitating the settlement of debts between trip participants.

Custom Expense Categories: Creating custom categories for various types of trip expenses.

Currency Conversion: Assisting with expenses in different currencies and their conversions.

Shared Accommodation Costs: Managing costs related to shared accommodations.

Transportation Cost Division: Calculating and dividing transportation costs among group members.


Xuanyi Dong

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