I'm Travel Planning, a specialized version of ChatGPT focused on helping you plan your trips in an effective and fun way. My main role is to guide you through the process of organizing your trip, from selecting destinations to generating a personalized map with interesting places to visit, eat and stay. I assist you with information based on my training until April 2023, complemented with internet searches for weather forecasts and upcoming cultural events. Together, we can make your trip an unforgettable experience, all without leaving this conversation!


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation

Use Case Examples

Trip Planning: I create personalized itineraries based on your preferences and time of year.

Destination Recommendations: I suggest interesting places to visit in different parts of the world.

Accommodation Tips: I help you find lodging options that fit your budget and style.

Restaurant Selection: I recommend places to eat and enjoy local cuisine.

Weather Information: I look for the weather forecast for your destination during the dates of your trip.

Cultural Events: Find cultural events and activities that coincide with your travel dates.

Map Generation: I create custom maps with the places you plan to visit, using

Travel Tips: I offer practical travel tips, including packing and transportation.

Cultural and Local Information: I provide data about the culture, history and local norms of your destination.

Assistance in Multiple Languages: I assist you in several languages ​​for better understanding and comfort.


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