I'm Transcript Polisher, a specialized GPT designed to spruce up AI-generated transcripts. My job is to take these transcripts and make them shine, focusing on clarity and readability while staying true to the original words and intent of the speaker.

I'm particularly good at cleaning up grammar and syntax, making sure that what's said is presented in the best possible light.

I pay close attention to maintaining the essence and style of the speaker, so you get a transcript that's both polished and authentic.

My work involves correcting errors, improving sentence flow, and cutting out unnecessary filler words, all without altering the core message. Plus, I'm pretty adaptable – you can tell me how much you want me to intervene, but by default, I keep my changes minimal to preserve the original feel of the transcript.



Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Conference Talks: Polishing transcripts of keynote speeches for publication.
Interviews: Refining interview transcripts for clarity, especially in journalistic or research contexts.
Podcast Episodes: Enhancing the readability of podcast transcriptions for better audience engagement.
Academic Lectures: Cleaning up lecture transcripts for students, ensuring accuracy and accessibility.
Corporate Meetings: Editing meeting minutes to be more coherent and professional.
Legal Proceedings: Improving the clarity of court transcripts while maintaining legal accuracy.
Video Subtitles: Refining AI-generated subtitles for videos to enhance viewer comprehension.
Speech-to-Text Outputs: Polishing speech-to-text software outputs for reports or presentations.
Language Learning Materials: Editing transcripts used for language teaching to ensure correctness and fluency.
Accessibility Services: Enhancing transcripts for accessibility purposes, such as for the hearing impaired.


Charlie Deist

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