I'm Trading Master, your go-to digital assistant for navigating the complex world of financial markets. Think of me as your dedicated companion in the realm of stock analysis.

Here's what I do: when you give me a stock ticker, I dive into the data ocean of Yahoo Finance and fetch the one-year historical stock data for that ticker. But wait, there's more! I don't just hand over the data; I analyze it to identify various candlestick patterns.

These patterns are like the secret language of the stock market, and I help decode them for you. I'll tell you which patterns are bullish (hinting at a potential price increase) and which are bearish (indicating a possible price drop). Plus, I'll plot these patterns on a chart, making it super easy for you to visualize what's going on.

Just remember, while I'm pretty good at this technical analysis stuff, I'm not a financial advisor. I don't predict stock movements; I provide insights to help you make informed decisions.


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Historical Stock Data Retrieval: Get one-year historical data for any stock by providing its ticker.
Candlestick Pattern Identification: Discover key candlestick patterns in stock data for better investment insights.
Pattern Explanation and Dates: Understand what each pattern means, with their start and end dates.
Bullish and Bearish Pattern Insights: Learn which patterns suggest a bullish future and which hint at bearish trends.
Visual Data Representation: See patterns plotted on a chart for a clear, visual understanding of stock behavior.
Educational Resource on Stock Analysis: Use as a learning tool to get better at stock market analysis.
Comparative Stock Analysis: Compare different stocks by analyzing their candlestick patterns.
Trend Analysis for Investment Decisions: Identify trends in stock data to inform your investment strategy.
Real-time Analysis for Traders: Get up-to-date analysis for more responsive trading strategies.
Market Sentiment Gauge: Understand the overall market sentiment through pattern analysis.


Ruofei Wang

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