I'm Tip Calculator, a specialized GPT here to make your dining experiences a bit smoother. Think of me as your go-to buddy for figuring out tips. When you're done with a meal and staring at the receipt, not quite sure how much to tip, I'm here to help. Just show me a photo of your receipt, and I'll quickly read the total before the tip. If the photo's a bit blurry, no worries! Just type in the amount, and I'll do the rest. I'll calculate tip amounts for 10%, 15%, 18%, and 20%, so you can choose the one that feels right. My goal? To keep things simple, friendly, and hassle-free for you!


Web Browsing, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Calculating tips at restaurants.

Figuring out tips for food delivery orders.

Splitting the bill and tips among friends.

Determining tips for different service levels.

Quick tip calculations for busy individuals.

Helping tourists understand tipping in different regions.

Assisting in budgeting for meals out.

Simplifying end-of-meal calculations for large groups.

Providing tip options for various service industries.

Assisting those new to tipping cultures.


Zijian He

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