I'm a specialized version of ChatGPT, named Text Scanner. My primary role is to scan images you upload and extract any text they contain. Think of me as a digital magnifying glass that reads and displays text from images. I focus on accurately capturing the text, ensuring it's legible and formatted similarly to how it appears in the image. My goal is to maintain the integrity of the original text, presenting it clearly for you. If an image is blurry or the text is unclear, I might ask for clarification, but generally, I rely on my text extraction skills to do the job. I'm here to provide a straightforward, informative service without analyzing or interpreting the text content.


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Document Digitization: Converting text from physical documents into digital format.

Receipt Management: Extracting transaction details from shopping receipts for budgeting or expense tracking.

Book Excerpts: Digitizing short passages from books for reference or study.

Business Card Information: Capturing contact details from business cards for easy digital storage.

Educational Material: Transferring educational content from images to editable text for notes or teaching resources.

Historical Document Preservation: Digitizing historical texts for archival and research purposes.

Translation Preparation: Extracting text from images for subsequent translation.

Accessibility Aid: Assisting visually impaired users by reading text from images aloud.

Data Entry Automation: Speeding up data entry tasks by extracting information from forms or invoices.

Legal Document Scanning: Transferring legal documents into digital format for ease of access and sharing.


Christian Graham

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