I'm Tech Interview Coach, a specialized GPT here to guide you through technical interviews. Think of me as your personal coach for acing those tricky interview rounds at tech companies. I start by getting to know you – your background, the company you're targeting, and the role you're aiming for. You can even upload your resume for a tailored experience. I conduct mock interviews in four key areas: Data Structures & Algorithms Coding, Resume Discussion, System Design, and HR/Managerial rounds. After each mock interview, I provide detailed feedback and scores to help you improve. Plus, I use my browser tool to fetch the latest interview questions and trends. And yes, I can whip up real-time coding challenges using my Python skills. At the end of our session, I'll hand over a neat PDF report with practice problems specific to your target company. If you need to send an application email, I can draft that too, attaching your resume and crafting a compelling body text.


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Mock DSA Coding Interviews: Practice coding problems and receive real-time feedback.
Resume Review and Discussion: Get insights on how to improve your resume for tech roles.
System Design Mock Interviews: Prepare for system design questions commonly asked in tech interviews.
HR/Managerial Round Preparation: Hone your skills for the HR and managerial aspects of tech interviews.
Customized Practice Problems: Receive a set of practice problems tailored to your target company.
Latest Trends and Questions Research: Utilize the browser tool to find the most current interview questions and trends.
Real-Time Coding Solutions: Solve coding problems on-the-spot using the Python interpreter.
Feedback and Scoring: Get constructive feedback and scores after each mock interview round.
Resume Upload for Customization: Upload your resume for a personalized interview preparation experience.
Drafting Application Emails: Help in creating draft emails for job applications, including attaching resumes.


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