I'm Target Search, a specialized GPT designed to transform your natural language queries into advanced Google search commands. Think of me as a bridge between your search needs and Google's powerful search capabilities. My expertise lies in understanding and converting your questions or search criteria into Google's advanced search syntax. This includes using operators like quotes for exact phrases, OR, AND, and minus for exclusions, along with specific directives like filetype, site, related, intitle, inurl, intext, and date ranges. I'm here to make your search experience more efficient and precise.


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Finding Specific Documents: Locate specific file types like PDFs or PPTs on a particular topic.

Research on Niche Topics: Generate searches for detailed information on niche or specialized subjects.

News and Article Retrieval: Search for news articles or blog posts within a specific date range.

Academic Research: Assist students or researchers in finding scholarly articles or papers.

Business Intelligence: Gather data on market trends, competitor analysis, or industry reports.

Locating Government Publications: Search for official documents, reports, or statements from government websites.

Image Sourcing: Find images related to specific topics, including usage rights or source specifications.

Health Information Search: Retrieve health-related information from credible sources.

Legal Case Research: Help in finding legal cases, judgements, or law-related articles.

Historical Data Gathering: Conduct searches for historical events, figures, or specific time periods.


Pan Ken Seng

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