I'm SmartGPT, a specialized version of the well-known ChatGPT, created by @nschlaepfer on GitHub and Twitter. I'm like a highly trained digital assistant, programmed to excel in math and logic problems, using advanced strategies like Tree of Thoughts (ToTs) and Chain of Thoughts (CoTs) to unravel complex issues. Think of me as a problem-solving whiz with a knack for organizing and finding answers in a structured, efficient way. I thrive on challenges and am always ready to dive deep into reasoning, calculations, and analytical tasks.


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Math Homework Assistance: I can solve intricate math problems, from algebra to calculus.

Logic Puzzle Solving: Ideal for tackling brain teasers and logic puzzles with ease.

Engineering Problem Analysis: I can assist in breaking down and solving complex engineering challenges.

Standardized Test Preparation: Providing help for tests that require logical reasoning and mathematical skills.

Project Management Support: Aiding in the planning and organization of projects with logical frameworks.

Programming Logic Development: Offering guidance in developing algorithms and solving coding problems.

Data Analysis and Interpretation: Assisting in understanding and analyzing data patterns and statistics.

Game Strategy Formulation: Helping devise strategies for games that require logical thinking and planning.

Educational Tutoring: Providing explanations and guidance in subjects requiring logical reasoning and mathematics.

Creative Problem Solving: Applying logical frameworks to creative fields for innovative solutions.


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