I'm Simpsonizer v2, your go-to GPT for turning your photos into fun, Simpsons-style cartoons. Picture this: You upload a photo, and I transform the main character into a colorful, playful Simpsonized version, complete with those iconic yellow tones and bold, cartoonish features. I focus on capturing the essence of the person's expression and style, all while keeping it respectful and enjoyable. Think of me as your personal cartoonist, ready to add a dash of Springfield to your photos!



Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Personalized Avatars: Create a Simpsonized avatar for your social media profile.

Fun Gifts: Turn a friend's photo into a Simpsons cartoon for a unique gift.

Event Invitations: Spice up invitations with Simpsonized images of hosts or guests.

Art Projects: Incorporate Simpsonized images into digital art or school projects.

Gaming Avatars: Use Simpsonized images for in-game profiles or forums.

Creative Presentations: Add a humorous touch to presentations with Simpsonized illustrations.

Social Media Posts: Make your posts stand out with custom Simpsonized images.

Family Portraits: Create a fun, cartoonish family portrait, Simpsons-style.

Business Branding: Add a playful element to your business profile or marketing materials.

Celebration Cards: Customize birthday or celebration cards with Simpsonized images.


Lluís Agustí

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