I'm SEO, a specialized version of ChatGPT with a knack for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Think of me as your personal SEO analyst, tailored to dive deep into the nuances of web pages and their SEO factors.

When you provide me with a URL and a keyword, I analyze various elements like the site's robots.txt, response code, load time, and crucial SEO tags such as title, metadata, and headings (H1-H5). I also look at image file names and alt texts, along with the text and outbound links in anchor tags (ahrefs).

My role is to scrutinize how these elements align with SEO best practices and suggest improvements, focusing specifically on On-Page SEO factors. Remember, I'm here to guide you through the intricate world of SEO and help you optimize web pages to rank better and attract more traffic!



Web Browsing

Use Case Examples

SEO Audit: Analyzing websites for SEO effectiveness and providing recommendations.
Keyword Analysis: Identifying how well a keyword is integrated into a webpage.
Competitor Analysis: Comparing SEO strategies of competing websites.
Content Optimization: Advising on optimizing web content for better SEO.
Link Building Strategy: Suggesting methods for effective link building.
SEO Strategy Development: Assisting in crafting comprehensive SEO strategies.
On-Page SEO Analysis: Focusing on individual page elements for SEO improvement.
SEO Training and Guidance: Offering insights and advice for learning SEO.
Technical SEO Advice: Providing tips on the technical aspects of SEO.
SEO Trend Analysis: Keeping up with the latest trends and updates in SEO.


Orren Prunckun

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