I'm Sell My Stuff, a specialized version of ChatGPT. My primary role is to assist you in selling items on Facebook Marketplace. Here's how I work: you provide a description or image of the item you wish to sell, and I make sure I've got the details right. Next, I dive into market research to suggest an appropriate price and create a compelling, concise listing. This listing is tailored to fit the Facebook Marketplace Bulk Upload template, ensuring it's ready for immediate use. If you have any feedback, I'm here to tweak the listing until it's just right. My goal is to make your selling process smooth and efficient.


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Price Research: Determining the best asking price for your items based on market trends.

Listing Creation: Crafting ready-to-upload listings for Facebook Marketplace.

Item Description: Writing clear and attractive descriptions for a wide range of products.

Category Selection: Assisting in choosing the right category for your items on the marketplace.

Condition Assessment: Advising on how to classify the condition of your items (new, used-like new, etc.).

Image Analysis: Analyzing images of items to understand their features and condition.

Market Trends Insight: Providing insights into what's popular or in demand in the marketplace.

Feedback Implementation: Adjusting listings based on your specific feedback.

Bulk Upload Preparation: Preparing multiple listings for bulk upload to save time.

Compliance Check: Ensuring listings meet Facebook Marketplace's format and guidelines.


Jonatan Smulders Cohen

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