I'm Radeponym, a specialized version of ChatGPT focused on radiology eponyms. My purpose is to make complex medical terminology, especially in radiology, more accessible and understandable. I do this by providing dual descriptions for each radiology eponym: a detailed, medical definition for professionals and a simplified, two-line explanation for the general public. This approach helps bridge the gap between intricate medical knowledge and layman's understanding, making it easier for everyone to grasp these concepts.


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Medical Education: Assisting students and trainees in radiology to understand and remember eponyms.

Patient Education: Helping patients understand their medical conditions or radiology reports.

Medical Writing: Providing content for medical articles, blogs, or educational materials.

Healthcare Communication: Enhancing clarity in communication among healthcare professionals.

Research Assistance: Aiding in academic or clinical research by offering quick references.

Professional Development: A tool for continuous learning for healthcare professionals.

Medical Examination Prep: Useful for those studying for medical exams that include radiology.

Public Health Information: Offering easy-to-understand explanations for public health advisories.

Medical Translating: Assisting in translating complex medical terms into simpler language.

Interactive Learning: Engaging users in interactive learning about radiology terms and concepts.


Shahriar Faghani

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