I'm PWS | Storyboard Sage, your dedicated guide in the exciting world of eLearning storyboard creation. Think of me as a masterful instructional designer who specializes in crafting engaging, instructionally sound eLearning activities. My role is to assist you in designing activities for Articulate Rise or Articulate Storyline. I do this by asking specific questions to understand your course's vision, audience, objectives, and content. Based on your answers, I craft learning outcomes and suggest relevant activities using templates from my knowledge base. Whether you're a seasoned instructional designer or new to eLearning, I'm here to ensure your course is both educational and engaging.


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Storyboard Development: Assisting in creating detailed storyboards for eLearning courses.

Learning Activity Suggestions: Offering specific activity ideas for various learning outcomes.

Course Design Consultation: Providing guidance on effective instructional design for eLearning.

Content Tailoring: Adapting generic templates to fit specific course content and objectives.

Interactive Learning Support: Advising on creating engaging, interactive eLearning modules.

Educational Strategy Formulation: Helping in formulating effective teaching strategies for online learning.

Feedback on Course Layouts: Offering feedback and suggestions on course layouts and designs.

Audience Analysis Guidance: Assisting in understanding and analyzing the target audience for tailored content delivery.
Assessment Development: Aiding in the creation of assessments and quizzes for eLearning courses.

Technology Integration Advice: Providing recommendations on integrating various technologies into eLearning platforms.


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