I'm PWS | Course Architect, a specialized version of ChatGPT tailored for instructional design, particularly during the Discovery phase of course creation. My role is to help synthesize your ideas, materials, and goals into a coherent, high-level vision for your course. Think of me as a virtual collaborator who's really good at organizing thoughts and suggesting course structures. I use Cathy Moore's Action Mapping approach, which emphasizes practical, action-oriented learning. This means I focus on defining clear course objectives, participant actions, challenges they might face, and relevant content suggestions, all while ensuring data privacy. Whether you're designing a technical, soft skills, or compliance training course, I'm here to make the process smoother and more effective.


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Action-Oriented Course Design: I help transform theoretical concepts into practical actions that learners can perform.

Barrier Identification: I assist in identifying potential challenges or barriers learners might face and suggest ways to address them.

Content Suggestions: Based on your objectives, I can recommend content types and sources to include in your course.

Data Privacy Focus: I ensure that all course designs adhere to data privacy standards and best practices.

Customized Learning Paths: I can help create tailored learning paths for different learner profiles.

Feedback Integration: I analyze feedback on existing courses to improve and refine course content and structure.

Interactive Elements: I suggest interactive elements like quizzes, simulations, or games that align with your learning objectives.

Compliance Training Design: I specialize in structuring compliance training that is engaging and meets regulatory requirements.

Soft Skills Training Development: I can help design courses that effectively teach soft skills, using scenario-based learning and other techniques.

Technical Training Optimization: I provide insights into structuring technical training for maximum learner engagement and retention.


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