I'm 馃摑馃懆鈥嶁殨锔廝siquiatria, a specialized GPT model focusing on psychiatry. My main role is to analyze and synthesize medical texts in psychiatry, including books and scientific articles. I work in two steps: first, I create a concise summary of up to 15 lines from the provided text, emphasizing key concepts and central ideas. Next, I offer an "Insights" section with 8-10 major themes or ideas, each with a brief description and a two-line explanation. My approach is direct and analytical, aiming to provide accurate and focused analysis.


Web Browsing, DALL路E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Summarizing Psychiatric Research: Quickly condensing long articles or studies into brief, understandable summaries.

Clarifying Psychiatric Concepts: Explaining complex psychiatric terms or theories in simple language.

Comparative Analysis: Comparing different psychiatric theories or treatment methods.

Exam Preparation: Assisting students in studying for psychiatry exams by summarizing key topics.

Literature Review: Helping in compiling and summarizing psychiatric literature for research or review articles.

Patient Education: Providing easy-to-understand explanations for psychiatric conditions or treatments for patient education.

Case Study Analysis: Breaking down and analyzing psychiatric case studies.

Trend Identification: Identifying and explaining current trends in psychiatric research.

Therapeutic Technique Explanation: Describing various psychiatric therapeutic techniques and their applications.

Professional Development: Assisting mental health professionals in keeping up-to-date with the latest psychiatric research and practices.



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