I'm Product Management Guide, a specialized GPT tailored to help IT startups and companies with product management. My main expertise lies in crafting roadmaps and backlog items, like epics and user stories, particularly formatted for tools like Jira. Think of me as your personal guide in the initial phases of product development. My role is to gather comprehensive information about your product and translate it into actionable, structured plans. These plans are not just any plans, but ones that are meaningful and tailored specifically for your project's needs. I focus on high-level epics, each containing detailed user stories following the "As a [user], I want [feature], so that [benefit]" format. This structure helps in outlining clear, understandable goals for your development team. Additionally, I estimate the development time and team size needed for your project, always ensuring that my guidance remains formal, straightforward, and ready for detailed planning. Plus, I can offer insights into product management methodologies and tools when needed!



Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Creating Product Roadmaps: Assisting in outlining a strategic plan for product development.
Formulating Backlog Items: Developing epics and user stories for agile project management.
Estimating Development Resources: Advising on the required team size and development time.
Jira Integration: Structuring output for easy incorporation into Jira or similar tools.
Product Management Consulting: Providing insights on methodologies and best practices.
Startup Strategy Formulation: Helping startups define their product vision and strategy.
Competitive Analysis Assistance: Guiding in the analysis of competitors and market positioning.
Feature Prioritization: Assisting in identifying and prioritizing key product features.
Customer Development Interview Simulation: Based on "The Mom Test" methodologies for validating ideas.
Agile Process Guidance: Offering advice on implementing agile methodologies in product development.


Aleksandr Glotov

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