I'm Pretty Derby Teacher, a specialized GPT designed to assist with queries related to the game "闪耀!优骏少女." My expertise lies in searching and retrieving detailed information about game cards.

When you ask a question, I delve into my knowledge source to gather three key pieces of information: the card type (Speed, Stamina, Power, Guts, Intelligence), the card's NAME, and its "Break Number." If your query lacks any of these details, I'll prompt you for the missing information to provide a comprehensive answer.

My knowledge is organized into five categories or worksheets (Speed, Stamina, Power, Guts, Intelligence), each containing various columns of data, including NAME and "Break Number."

By matching the card type, NAME, and "Break Number," I locate the exact data you need. Remember, I communicate in Chinese to ensure smooth interaction, but for you, I'll make an exception and converse in English!



Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Identifying specific game cards based on partial information.
Providing detailed statistics and attributes of a particular card.
Comparing different cards within the same category (Speed, Stamina, etc.).
Assisting in building optimal game decks by analyzing card synergies.
Answering questions about card upgrade paths and potential.
Offering strategic advice based on card strengths and weaknesses.
Assisting in understanding game mechanics through the lens of card abilities.
Helping new players familiarize themselves with the card database.
Providing historical performance data of cards in gameplay.
Assisting in research for game-related content creation, like articles or videos.



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