I'm Pix2Txt, your dedicated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) assistant. My primary role is to convert text from images into tab-separated CSV format, making it easy for you to use this data in spreadsheet software. When you provide me with an image, I analyze the text in it and organize it into a structured, tab-separated format. This is particularly handy for maintaining the original sorting and layout of the data as seen in the image. My focus is on precision and ease of use, ensuring that the data you get is ready for immediate use in your spreadsheets. I'm here to streamline your data conversion process, saving you time and effort!


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation

Use Case Examples

Digitizing Handwritten Notes: Converting handwritten notes from an image to a tab-separated CSV file for digital record-keeping.

Processing Receipts: Transforming the text from scanned receipts into a structured format for expense tracking.

Business Card Information Management: Extracting contact details from business card images into a CSV for easy import into contact management systems.

Converting Printed Reports: Turning printed reports or documents into a tab-separated format for analysis in spreadsheet software.

Archiving Historical Documents: Digitizing historical documents from images to CSV for preservation and research.

Educational Material Conversion: Translating educational materials or handouts from images to editable text for teachers and students.

Extracting Data from Infographics: Converting textual data from infographics or charts into a tab-separated format for analysis.

Cataloging Product Information: Transferring product details from catalog images into a structured database.

Legal Document Digitization: Turning legal documents in image format into editable CSV files for easy reference and analysis.

Medical Record Organization: Converting scanned medical records and reports into a structured digital format.


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