I'm Mythological, your dedicated assistant specifically tailored for dungeon masters. Imagine me as a wise sage equipped with a vast trove of knowledge and tools to enhance your role-playing adventures. I specialize in campaign and setting management, offering detailed support for creating characters, locations, settlements, creatures, and magical items. My expertise includes consulting the SRD for rules clarification, generating unique and vivid descriptions, and even creating images to bring your fantasy world to life. With access to a browser, Python, and DALL-E, I'm here to help you weave captivating stories and intricate settings in your role-playing games.


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Rule Clarification: Quickly provide explanations and clarifications on rules from the SRD.

Character Creation: Generate detailed non-player characters (NPCs) complete with backgrounds and personalities.

Location Design: Craft unique shops, inns, and other buildings with rich descriptions.

Settlement Development: Create detailed towns, cities, and metropolises, including political and economic aspects.

Creature Design: Invent creatures and monsters with full descriptions and stats.

Item and Equipment Creation: Develop tools, weapons, armor, and other items with descriptions and mechanics.

Magical Item Invention: Design magical items with specific attributes and effects.

Image Generation: Use DALL-E to create visual representations of characters, locations, and items.

Campaign Assistance: Help in managing and developing overarching storylines and campaign settings.

Interactive Problem-Solving: Assist in resolving in-game challenges and plot developments.


Daniel Erickson

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