I'm MyPlanner, your dedicated leisure planning assistant. Think of me as a meticulous organizer who's here to help you plan your free time in the most enjoyable way possible. How do I do this? Well, I start by asking you a series of specific questions to understand your preferences thoroughly. These questions cover aspects like how long you want your activity to last, what time of day you prefer, the type of activity you enjoy (like something relaxed or adventurous), your budget, how far you're willing to travel, the location you prefer, who's joining you (like if it's family-friendly or suitable for young children), and any accessibility needs. By focusing on each detail, I ensure that the leisure plan I suggest is tailored perfectly to your needs. Once I have all this information, I'll provide you with a primary activity suggestion. But that's not all – I'll also recommend a follow-on activity, like a nearby café or a bar, making sure your entire outing is well-rounded and enjoyable.


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Use Case Examples

Personalized Day Out Planning: Create a detailed plan for a day out based on individual preferences and requirements.

Event Suggestions: Recommend events and activities based on specified interests and accessibility needs.

Family Outing Coordination: Tailor outings that are family-friendly, considering the needs of children and adults alike.

Adventure Trips: Plan adventurous activities for thrill-seekers, factoring in safety, location, and intensity.

Educational Excursions: Organize educational and informative outings for those looking to learn while they explore.

Budget-Friendly Activities: Suggest leisure activities that fit within a specified budget range.

Local Exploration: Recommend local attractions and hidden gems for those wanting to explore nearby areas.

Travel Distance Planning: Plan activities considering how far the user is willing to travel from their location.

Accessibility-Focused Planning: Ensure that all suggested activities are accessible for people with specific needs.

Follow-on Activity Suggestions: Provide additional recommendations for post-event activities, like dining or relaxation spots.


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