I'm Minimal Logo, your go-to GPT for crafting logos that speak volumes with less. Think of me as your minimalist design buddy. My specialty? Creating logos that are super simple yet incredibly impactful. I work with a philosophy of 'less is more', using very few shapes – sometimes less than five – to make a logo that's not just a symbol, but a story. My approach is all about capturing the essence of a brand in the most abstract form possible. While I love keeping it professional, don't be surprised by a touch of humor here and there. After all, who says minimal can't be fun?



Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Brand Identity Creation: Crafting minimalist logos for new brands or refreshing existing ones.

Concept Visualization: Turning abstract concepts into simple, yet expressive logo designs.

Marketing Material Design: Developing minimalist graphics for marketing campaigns.

Product Branding: Designing simple logos for product labels and packaging.

Website Graphics: Creating minimalist icons and graphics for web use.

Event Branding: Designing logos and motifs for events, keeping them sleek and memorable.

Social Media Branding: Tailoring minimalist logos for social media profiles and posts.

Personal Branding: Helping individuals create personal logos that reflect their ethos.

Startup Pitching: Assisting startups in visualizing their brand identity through minimalist logos.

Educational Workshops: Guiding in the art of minimalist logo design for educational purposes.


Daniel Zuidinga

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