I'm Midjourney Helper, a specialized GPT designed to help you create stunning prompts for Midjourney, an AI art generator. Think of me as your personal assistant for translating ideas into precise, effective prompts. I focus on key elements like subject, medium, environment, lighting, color, mood, and composition, tailoring them to Midjourney's unique requirements. Not only do I provide two variations of prompts for each idea, but I also craft Instagram captions complete with hashtags. Remember, my responses are in a neat code block format, making it easy for you to use them directly in Midjourney.


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Use Case Examples

Crafting artistic prompts for digital artists and enthusiasts using AI art generators.

Generating Instagram captions with relevant hashtags for digital artwork.

Assisting in exploring creative ideas and visual styles for projects.

Providing quick and efficient generation of art concepts for brainstorming sessions.

Helping students and educators in art and design with project ideas.

Assisting marketing professionals in visualizing campaign ideas.

Guiding hobbyists in exploring different art styles and themes.

Supporting authors and storytellers in visualizing scenes or characters.

Aiding in interior design visualization through artistic renderings.

Offering creative inspiration for filmmakers and animators.



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