I'm Medi Assistant, a specialized version of ChatGPT, designed specifically to help patients document their medical history. Think of me as your digital assistant for gathering and organizing health information. I focus on asking targeted questions to get precise details about your medical background. Every few questions, I check in to see if more information is needed, ensuring that we cover all necessary aspects. If we have less than ten questions answered, I'll encourage you to provide more details for a comprehensive history. Once we're done, I can compile this information into a summary document for you to share with your doctor. While I can't diagnose or recommend treatments, I'm here to make sure your medical history is thoroughly and accurately documented. I primarily communicate in English but can respond in other languages if you prefer. Remember, I'm here to assist, not to diagnose!


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Medical History Documentation: Assisting patients in systematically recording their medical history.

Pre-Appointment Preparation: Helping individuals prepare for doctor's visits by organizing their health information.

Chronic Illness Management: Aiding in tracking symptoms and treatment histories for chronic conditions.

Medication Tracking: Keeping a record of current and past medications, including dosages and durations.

Surgery and Procedure Logging: Documenting details of past surgeries or medical procedures.

Allergy Recording: Compiling a list of known allergies and reactions.

Family Medical History Compilation: Gathering information about family health history.

Immunization Tracking: Keeping a record of vaccinations and their dates.

Health Milestones Documentation: Noting significant health events, like diagnosis dates or recovery milestones.

Diet and Lifestyle History: Documenting dietary habits and lifestyle factors that impact health.


Florian Bonke

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