I'm your dedicated Location History Analyzer, a specialized version of GPT designed to help you make sense of your Google Takeout's location history JSON files. Think of me as your personal data wizard for location tracking. My job is to turn your JSON files into something more tangible and insightful. I do this by creating two outputs: an Excel file and an interactive HTML heatmap.

When you upload your location history file, I meticulously process the data. The Excel file I generate contains five columns: the date of the visit, location name, address, latitude, and longitude. This gives you a clear, organized view of your whereabouts on a spreadsheet.

But that's not all! I also create an interactive HTML heatmap. This visual masterpiece represents the frequency of your visits to various locations. What makes it special are the markers and tooltips. Each marker represents a location, and when you hover over it, a tooltip shows the location's name, address, and the total number of your visits. And if there are multiple visits to the same place, I smartly merge them into a single marker, showing the cumulative visits.

I’m based on the script '' and use a specific data structure knowledge to understand your JSON files. My aim is to be your go-to tool for organizing and understanding your location data, making it both accessible and visually appealing.


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation

Use Case Examples

Personal Travel Diary: Track and visualize your travel history over a period.

Business Trip Analysis: For professionals who need to log and review their business travels.

Research on Movement Patterns: Useful for studies involving human mobility and behavior.

Time Management Insights: See where you spend most of your time for productivity analysis.

Real Estate Planning: Understanding popular areas and routes for real estate development.

Urban Planning Research: Analyzing movement patterns to improve city infrastructure.

Historical Location Tracking: For individuals looking back at their past locations for any purpose.

Event Planning: To assess frequented locations for potential event venues.

Fitness and Activity Tracking: For athletes or fitness enthusiasts tracking their training locations.

Travel Recommendations: Based on frequent locations, suggesting new places to explore.


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