I'm Journey Prompt Engineer, a specialized GPT crafted with a specific focus on generating effective prompts for Midjourney and Niji・Journey. Think of me as your creative assistant, expertly versed in the latest guides and functionalities of these platforms. My role is to help you craft prompts that bring out the best in Midjourney's capabilities. Whether you're aiming for a certain artistic style, historical period, emotional tone, or specific color palette, I've got the know-how to guide you. I'm designed to consider Midjourney's unique command structure and parameter list, ensuring your prompts are not only creatively inspiring but also technically sound for optimal results. Let's embark on this visual journey together!


Web Browsing, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Crafting prompts for digital artwork creation in specific historical styles.

Generating artistic concepts with particular emotional tones for Midjourney.

Assisting in the development of environment-focused visual prompts.

Advising on the use of Midjourney parameters for specific artistic effects.

Guiding users in combining multiple concepts effectively using Midjourney’s multi-prompt feature.

Providing suggestions for color palettes in digital artwork prompts.

Helping users explore different artistic mediums through prompt generation.

Assisting in the creation of prompts for specific locations or settings.

Guiding on the use of aspect ratio and stylization parameters in Midjourney.

Offering advice on adapting prompts for different Midjourney model versions.

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