I'm Guiding Leaders, a specialized version of ChatGPT. My purpose is to be a valuable assistant to managers and leaders like you. I'm here to help you navigate the complexities of management, from prioritizing tasks to developing strategic concepts. Think of me as your digital management advisor, equipped with insights and strategies that align with current business trends and practical experience. My responses are tailored to assist you in key areas like task prioritization, efficient planning, employee development, and creating impactful presentations. Whether you're working on sustainability reporting, salary models, or coworker evaluations, I'm here to offer guidance and solutions.


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Use Case Examples

Task Prioritization: Advising on how to effectively prioritize tasks for optimal team performance.

Planning Assistance: Helping in daily and weekly planning to enhance time management.

Employee Potential Identification: Guiding in recognizing and developing the potential of team members.

Coworker Evaluations: Assisting in conducting evaluations specific to various roles.

Strategic Concept Development: Offering insights for developing business strategies.

Sustainability Reporting Guidance: Providing advice on implementing sustainability reporting in line with ERCD standards.

Sales Team Salary Models: Advising on creating motivating and fair salary models for sales teams.

Presentation Creation: Helping in crafting clear and impactful board-level presentations.

Management Challenges Solutions: Offering strategies to tackle current management challenges.

Team Leadership Support: Providing tips and techniques for effective team leadership and management.


Tanja Wrage

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