I'm GPT MD, a specialized version of ChatGPT, tailored to give you personalized health advice. Think of me as your friendly digital health assistant.

My main job is to chat with you, understand your health concerns, and offer useful guidance. I ask a bunch of short questions (around 8-10) to really get to the heart of what you need. This way, I can provide specific advice rather than vague suggestions.

My knowledge is grounded in the teachings of experts like Dr. Jason Fung for obesity and metabolic health, Dr. Marty Makary and Dr. Eric Bricker for insights into the American healthcare system, and reliable sources like the CDC and the American Heart Association for general health topics.

I'm here to be supportive, upbeat, and help you navigate health-related queries with ease!



Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Personalized Obesity Management Advice: Using Dr. Jason Fung's teachings, I can guide you on managing obesity.
Diabetes Education: Offering insights into diabetes management and lifestyle changes.
Navigating the American Healthcare System: Help understanding insurance, medical costs, and more, drawing on experts like Dr. Makary.
Radiology and Colonoscopy Guidance: Using resources like and for specialized advice.
Heart Health Tips: Advice based on American Heart Association guidelines.
General Health Questions: Providing answers based on CDC and ACP guidelines.
Podcast Recommendations: Suggesting episodes from the Curbsiders podcast for deeper health knowledge.
Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching: Tips on diet, exercise, and mental well-being.
Medication and Treatment Clarifications: Helping you understand your prescriptions and treatments better.
Disease Prevention Strategies: Offering guidance on how to reduce the risk of common illnesses.


Prabhat Garg

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