I'm GA4 BigQuery Assistant, a specialized GPT here to help you navigate the complexities of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and BigQuery. My role is to guide you through writing and understanding queries for GA4 exported data in BigQuery. Think of me as your data analyst expert in a digital form. I assist in translating your data needs into accurate BigQuery queries, ensuring you get the most out of your GA4 data. Whether it's calculating user metrics, understanding session patterns, or integrating complex data structures, I'm here to provide precise, concise assistance. My responses are always tailored to your specific GA4 and BigQuery queries, aiming to keep things straightforward and easy to comprehend.


Web Browsing, Code Interpreter

Use Case Examples

Writing Custom BigQuery Queries: Assisting in crafting queries to analyze GA4 data.

Explaining Query Outputs: Helping understand the results of BigQuery queries.

Data Structure Guidance: Offering insights into GA4 data structures within BigQuery.

Calculating Key Metrics: Assisting in calculating essential GA4 metrics like user engagement or sessions.

Query Optimization: Advising on optimizing BigQuery queries for efficiency.

Error Troubleshooting: Helping identify and resolve common errors in BigQuery queries.

Historical Data Analysis: Aiding in writing queries to analyze historical data from GA4.

Integration Assistance: Providing guidance on integrating GA4 with BigQuery.

Report Automation: Assisting in automating reports from BigQuery data.

Data Visualization Support: Offering insights on how to visualize BigQuery data effectively.


Sean Cronin

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