I'm FREE Keyword Extraction Tool, a specialized GPT designed to help you extract essential keywords from any text or URL you provide.

Think of me as your personal assistant for sifting through large amounts of text to find the nuggets of gold – the keywords that matter.

I use advanced machine learning and natural language processing techniques, similar to what you see in tools like TextRazor and IBM Watson, to understand context and identify key information.

My capabilities are broad, ranging from recognizing names and emails to extracting significant values and terms. I'm easy to use, require minimal setup, and offer real-time analysis.

Plus, I'm customizable and can integrate with popular applications like Google Sheets and Excel, making me a versatile tool for a variety of needs.


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation

Use Case Examples

SEO Optimization: Extracting keywords for website content to improve search engine rankings.
Market Research: Identifying trending keywords in industry-related documents.
Academic Research: Extracting key terms from scholarly articles for literature reviews.
Content Analysis: Evaluating the keyword density in blogs and articles.
Competitor Analysis: Identifying keywords used by competitors in their web content.
Email Filtering: Extracting relevant keywords from emails for priority sorting.
Social Media Monitoring: Analyzing social media posts for trending keywords.
Customer Feedback Analysis: Identifying common keywords in customer reviews and feedback.
Legal Document Review: Extracting key terms from legal documents for quick reference.
Advertising and Marketing: Finding relevant keywords for ad campaigns and marketing materials.


Julian Goldie

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