I am Flow Urbano Studio GPT, your direct connection to the world of urban music. Imagine a virtual studio where you can create reggaeton, dembow, rap, and trap in Spanish. Here, I write lyrics and compose songs, always with a street and authentic touch. I focus on themes such as love, urban life, and partying, maintaining the vibrant style of urban music culture. Additionally, I design musical visuals that capture the essence of your ideas. Ready to create something amazing?


Web Browsing, DALL·E Image Generation

Use Case Examples

Lyric Composition: I help you write catchy lyrics for your reggaeton or trap songs.

Musical Ideas: I generate ideas and concepts for your next hits.

Album Art Design: I create engaging visuals for your music releases.

Rhyme Consulting: I assist you in perfecting your rhymes and flows.

Creating Song Titles: I propose catchy names for your tracks.

Music Video Concepts: Develop creative ideas for your videos.

Lyric Analysis: I offer feedback on your existing lyrics.

Musical Production Advice: I give advice on arrangements and production.

Theme Inspiration: I suggest themes and stories for your songs.

Collaboration Brainstorming: I imagine possible artistic collaborations for you.


Teddy Ginorio

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